Dr. Mercola Reveals Health Tips, Myths, and Unknown Truths You Need to Know

Any health concern – no matter how mundane or life-threatening it may be – calls for good, reliable information that neither misleads nor manipulates data in the name of profit and other self-serving motives.  

In the massive, all-knowing landscape called the World Wide Web, where do you go for health and wellness information that you can trust? Who, at its core, has your best interests and not the silent workings of advertising and corporate entities? What does the medical status quo fail to tell you about your body and environment?

Are you tired of popular health “solutions” that do not work for you?

While you may have simply stumbled upon this website, there is also a good probability that you are filled with the same questions on prevailing medical beliefs and practices.

This is why Dr. Joseph Mercola, a well-known physician and author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, started providing useful health and medical resources through Mercola.com, which was built in 1997 and has become the world’s #1 Natural Health site. A recognized and licensed Physician and Surgeon in the state of Illinois, he first opened his practice outside Chicago in 1986 and has treated over 20,000 patients.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Mercola seeks “to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.” His passion also lies in transforming the traditional medical establishment in the United States; he believes that the existing system is fraught with the following realities:

  • Almost 100,000 patients each year die from medical errors and malpractice
  • 1.5-M patients suffer from mistakes in prescriptions and medication
  • The giants of the pharmaceutical industry earn billions of dollars each year, but over 100,000 still die annually from adverse drug effects
  • American health care remains expensive, yet alternatives like safe, natural health supplements are still on a long, arduous journey to FDA approval

This blog is based on the expert opinion and recommendations from Dr. Mercola, who bares the myths and replaces them with beneficial truths. Here the deceptive, triumphalist hype in the corporate, government, and media arenas are also laid bare, and the spotlight is turned on their every potential harm to you and your surroundings.

Welcome and feel free to browse, leave a comment, and interact. Your health and wellness will always be a pressing issue, and you deserve nothing but real information you can use.

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